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| align="Left" | ''Instrument_Asset_Tag''
| align="Left" | ''Instrument_Asset_Tag''
| align="right" | na
| align="right" | LOGH2O007
| align="Left" | ''Instrument_TurnKeySolution''
| align="Left" | ''Instrument_TurnKeySolution''

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Schema Information
Schema List Schema Value
Instrument_CommonName Piezometer-1
Instrument_Name Water Level Logger
Instrument_Picture Picture
Instrument_Manufacturer Global Water
Instrument_Model WL16
Instrument_Firmware version 9
Instrument_Serial# 1251009029
Instrument_Asset_Tag LOGH2O007
Instrument_TurnKeySolution No
Instrument_Roaming Yes
Instrument_Building see Instrument_Roaming for location
Instrument_Floor see Instrument_Roaming for location
Instrument_Room see Instrument_Roaming for location
Instrument_Acquisition_Date 1/2013
Computer_Hostname na
Computer_IP na
Computer_MAC na
Computer_Make na
Computer_Model na
Computer_Asset_Tag na
Computer_OS na
Computer_OS_Version na
Computer_RAM na
Computer_HD na
Software_Vendor Global Water
Software_Product_Name Global Logger
Software_Product_Version v.2.1.8
Software_Last_Updated 1/2013

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