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Podcasting features are built-in to WordPress.

Upload (or link to) your podcast file

  1. Create your mp3, m4a or mov file
  2. Create a new post Write > Post
  3. Add a media file (audio or video) by clicking the Media file upload button in upper right of editing window
    • Remember the Flash Uploader is still pretty buggy so use the Browser Uploader instead
  4. Browse and upload your media file or add the url to the media file if it already exists on another server
    • If you plan on also embedding a quicktime player of your video or m4a podcast you may also want to copy the url of the uploaded file now
  5. Choose Insert into Post this will create a link to your media file

Embed a quicktime player for your m4a or video podcast

If you'd like your m4a (audio plus still images) or video podcast to be playable directly within your post you'll need to enable the Video QuickTags Plugin. See Video in Your Blog - Wordpress

Create a podcast category

If you create a category called podcast and assign each of your podcast posts to that category you will have one url that people can subscribe to as the podcast feed. "yourblogurl/category/podcast/feed"