Printing Overview

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The Computer Center, Library, and CAL are currently testing an upgrade to our print management system. PaperCut allows us to support printing on nearly any web capable device (phone, tablet, laptop) with enhanced reliability and more privacy.

Campus Workstations

  • Upon logging into the workstation, you will be prompted to activate your PaperCut account.
  • Enter your credentials in the pop up window
  • You are now authorized to send prints as normal. After you have activated your PaperCut account on an Evergreen computer, your credentials will be automatically carried to each campus machine that you use.
  • From any standard software like Word or Chrome, click File > Print and select the default printer option presented
  • You will receive a notification that your print job is now held in a queue for release
  • Visit a nearby release station, enter your username, and print your work
  • Unclaimed jobs are not billed against your quarterly allowance

Laptops and Mobile Devices

  • Visit while on the campus wifi from any up to date browser
  • login with your credentials
  • Click web print to submit a file for printing
  • Choose the area (queue) you want to print in, like Computer Center, Library, or CAL
  • Set your copy number
  • Submit for printing
  • Wait for the file to render or process. Once it says "held in queue" it is ready for release