Proficiency Test - Mixing Bench

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  • Get a mic, headphones, and a mic cable for each room before the workshop from the EM storage room.
  • Have another recording source like a record or cassette.


  • Introduce yourself, ask people if they have specific projects or questions in mind for using the space.
  • Remember to get a list of names and ID numbers.
  • Enter them as proficient in the Scheduling System after the workshop or ask the front desk student to do it. Leave list in Zena’s mailbox when done.
  • Do not touch anything. Let the students touch the mixer, mouse, patch bay etc. Only get hands on if you need to troubleshoot something but always go back and have them do all the steps.
  • Make sure students rotate the hands on part. Don't let the student who things they know everything do all the work.
  • Mixing Bench Handouts are available at this link



  1. Cover using Media Loan, location, hours, late fine + renewals, always have time scheduled through (ML & EM), using the FOB to open the space, letting staff know of lost/stolen keys, and general security of the space.
  2. Explain about signing the log book, writing down problems etc. Tell them that they can go to EM desk or MML for help.
  3. Go over equipment and room flow and volume box. Point out patchbay. Tell them to make sure that patch bay is clear when starting and to normalize when done. Mention umbilicals for hooking up other equipment.
  4. Show power strip and how to power on the computer.

Computer Basics

  1. Have them log into the computer.
  2. Warn about waiting for start up script to finish.
  3. Mention Mac basics like Dock, trash, ejecting disk, user drives
  4. Mention basic apps: AuditionPeak, Toast, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Audacity.
  5. Have them create a folder with their last name on the Storage drive or the desktop.
  6. Backup files to the server - do not work off the network.
  7. Files are cleared out at the end of the quarter.


  1. Plug mic into mixer, set levels and volume.
    • Set the Gain by watching the Peak Light.
    • Set levels on the mixer.
    • Set monitor levels.
  2. Open Peak and open a record window
    • Set levels and record
    • Switch volume box to mac out to demonstrate the recording delay.
  3. Save file to the User Drive.
    • Warn that Peak needs to save to the drive it records to which should be User Drive.
  4. Repeat steps with other student.


  1. Do basic edits, fade in/out, normalize, mono to stereo, zoom in/out etc
  2. Explain save as and save as wav if they need to take files to a PC. And to save as MP3.
  3. Save work.


  • Open Toast and explain audio cd and data cd burning.
  • If there is time do more recording (from LP, Casssette or mic) or editing and have them rotate the hands on part.