Program Assistants and TAs in Canvas

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Faculty are not able to add people to their Canvas site in a Student, TA, or Teacher role. This is intended to prevent possible FERPA issues. If you would like a Program/Teaching Assistant (TA) or fellow faculty added to your offering's Canvas site, please submit a request at

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students enrolled in the course for credit cannot be promoted to the role of Program Assistant or TA due to FERPA.

For more information about FERPA, please see FERPA Information for Faculty and Staff at the Evergreen website.

What the TA Canvas role is for Program/Teaching Assistants

A hired TA or another faculty that the primary faculty of the course would like to allow review and/or grading/assessment of coursework. This role can not be assigned to students enrolled in the class for credit. Once someone is added in the TA role, they will have access to all files that have been uploaded to the course, including the work submitted by their peers.

How to submit a request to have a TA added to your Canvas site

If you would like someone added in the role of Program/Teaching Assistant or Faculty, please submit a request to Academic Technologies through

Your request should include:

  • your name
  • the name of and year(s)/term(s) for your offering
  • full name and Evergreen username of the person you would like added
  • what role you would like the person added as (TA, Teacher)

LMS Access Exception for students who are not registered for your offering

If you would like to add/enroll a student to your Canvas or WordPress site who is not registered for your offering, please see this help wiki guide, LMS Access Exception Process for Faculty, and submit an LMS Exception Request via