Purce Hall Classroom 6 & 8

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LH6 and LH8 are the smaller classrooms of Purce Hall. They have a wall panel to plug in a laptop, an additional set of laptop connections in the floor, and view of the nearby outdoors.


  1. To turn ON the projector, press the display "ON" button.
The button will blink while the system starts. 
  1. On the AV Control Panel, press the button for your source. A solid light indicates which source is active.
  2. If it seems to not work, you may need to hold the button for 2 seconds.


  1. Plug in your laptop to the wall panel with the provided cable. (either HDMI -or- VGA)
  2. Select wall panel on the AV control panel. The wall panel is self-switching, and sends whatever signal it receives to the projector.
  3. Do not attempt to use HDMI and VGA at the same time.

AV Mute

  1. The AV Mute will blackout the projection and silence the sound.
  2. Press to mute (the color will change), press again to unmute (the button color will turn back).

Finishing Up

Remember to turn things off when you are done!

Press and hold the OFF button for two seconds to shut down the system.


No picture?:

- Does laptop have power?
- Is data projector turned on? (try starting again, & call x6270)
- Has the LED above where your computer is plugged in turned from amber to green? (If it didn't turn green, make sure the cables are plugged in all the way)

No audio?:

- Is room volume on AV control panel turned up to show 3 lights or more?
- Laptop: Is the volume on the laptop turned up and source selected? (HDMI button for HDMI connection, etc?)

Assistive Listening Procedures

This room does not have integrated listening technology installed, but there is a microphone input jack and XLR or phono plug outputs on the panel.
These can be used to connect an extra microphone and listening equipment, or self-contained listening equipment can be used.
Please work with [Access Services] to coordinate an extended checkout of suitable listening equipment from Media Loan.