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WordPress is a web publishing platform available at Evergreen at http://blogs.evergreen.edu
Queer Pleasure and Politics students will be contributing to a private group site at http://blogs.evergreen.edu/qppmap/

Getting Started

Driving in WordPress

  • Dashboard Overview - get comfortable navigating the Dashboard and moving between Admin and Public view
  • Change your profile info

Writing and Managing your content

Adding new posts

  • Title your post with your Location

Working with GeoMashup Google Maps plugin

  • Set coordinates for each post using geo-mashup
  • Add the following short code to embed a map of your post's location


Adding Media

Set your featured image - featured images will appear in the global map balloons as well as at the top of each of your posts. You can resize and crop these images within WordPress.

  1. Click the "Set featured image" link
  2. Select files from your hard drive or drag and drop
  3. Click the "Edit image" button to resize and crop your image to the necessary size to fit in the balloons and at the top of your post 250px x 100px.
  4. Click Scale image and set the width to 250
  5. In image crop set the selection to 250 x 100 - move the cropped selection (if neccessary) and click the crop icon to apply
  6. Click the Save button under the image
  7. Scroll to bottom and choose "Use as featured image" and close out of the image editing window
  • Insert an image - add an image to the body a post (these images will not appear in the balloon on global map).
  • Working with image galleries - have a lot of images? Try using a NextGen image gallery to organize theme.

Categories and Tags

Additional Resources

  • Wordpress.com Getting Started Tutorials - these tutorials are for working on wordpress.com but is nearly identical to using WordPress at blogs.evergreen.edu
  • Lynda.com (on-campus) WordPress 3 Essential Training - this is another training geared towards using Wordpress.com but if you skip the account setup portion most of the rest is relavent to blogs.evergreen.edu