Quota Limit Exceeded

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What to do if you are out of file space.

Out of Filespace?

You may have gotten a message from FSRM@orca.evergreen.edu telling you that you have reached the quota limit for your personal fileshare. These folders are very small (100MB) and should be thought of as a very small transfer station or (as some have put it) a safe deposit box. In any case, it's useful for transferring and storing smallish documents and files. If you've gotten this message, you may need to go back through your folder to see what's important to keep and what you can either remove or move someplace else.

If you would like more help cleaning up your folder, the folks at the Computer Center can help you out. You can also give them a call at 867-6227.

What are my options?

If you have a critical academic need for additional space, you can also contact academic computing to see what other alternatives are available to you. An alternative may include one of the following;

  • Requesting contract or project filespace for the remainder of the quarter
  • Asking for a Program fileshare (must be through your faculty), or

To inquire about alternatives, please contact Academic Computing for more information.

For the Adventurous

Try downloading one of these fun disk usage imaging tools to locate the big files in your directory.