Random Faculty Assignment

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Random Assignment by class standing. Faculty would be assigned students of the same level
and would follow through their career. Students grouped by lower and upper division.


  • Encourages broad liberal arts and interdisciplinary advising conversations and content
  • Common experience for students to meet other students across the curriculum who are at the same
  • moment in their UG trajectory.
  • Least administrative overhead
  • Potential to allow for team coordination by faculty advisors who are working with different levels of
  • advisees
  • Frees faculty and students from presumptions about the advisor/advisee relationship
  • Does the most to remove inequity from the process
  • A great way to have students interact with disciplines they previously have not encountered


  • Structurally doesn’t allow peer mentorship across levels within advising seminars
  • Faculty anxiety around advising students whose interest fall outside of their areas of expertise
  • Students’ anxiety around not being with faculty whose areas of expertise matches their areas of study.