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This page will direct you on the basic instructions for using the scanners in the library. These directions should generally work for all scanners on campus, but were specifically written for Epson Perfection v33/v330 brand scanners. The most commonly used scanning software for the library is Adobe Acrobat X Pro.

In Adobe Acrobat X Pro, written text can be recognized using a process called "OCR" (Optical Character Recognition). This process identifies typed text and creates an editable document that can be manipulated in programs such as Microsoft Word.

Printable how-to-scan handouts available here.

Scanning on Windows Machines in the Library

Using Adobe Acrobat X Pro

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Windows users will genreally always scan using Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Acrobat is well suited for creating multiple page documents in PDF format, but it is also a great and simple solution for scanning in all file types.

To scan using Adobe Acrobat X Pro:
  • From the start menu, search Adobe Acrobat X Pro
  • Choose the "Create" menu at the top of the window.
  • From the dropdown menu, hover over "PDF from Scanner."
  • Choose your desired color mode from the next dropdown menu.
  • A window will pop up prompting you to select a device. Click the "Scanner" drop-down menu and choose Epson Perfection v33/v330.
  • If you are scanning multiple pages check the box next to "Prompt for scanning more pages."
  • When you are finished scanning, navigate to File > save as and save your files.
  • When you have scanned all of your pages, choose "Scan is Complete" and save your document.

By default, Acrobat does Optical Character Recognition. If you want to edit the text contents of your document, you can export to a Word document.

Using Windows 7 Native Scanning

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Some programs ask students to scan using the native scan feature on Windows 7. This is much simpler than using Adobe, however it only creates image file types (.jpg, .png, etc).

To Scan using Windows 7 Native Scanning:

  • From the Start Menu select "Devices and Printers."
  • Right click the Epson scanner icon.
  • Select "Start Scan"
  • Choose your preferred settings and files type.
  • Click Scan.
  • All images are automatically saves to the Pictures folder.


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Scanners will sometimes have trouble connecting to machines. When the student tries to scan, they may receive an error.

To fix this:

  • Disconnect the scanner from the computer and from the power supply.
  • Close the scanning program.
  • Reconnect the scanner and restart the scanning program.
  • If the scanner still cannot connect, disconnect the scanner again.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Once the student has logged in, reconnect the scanner and open the scanning program.