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There is one Epson scanner on cart that can be used with any computer in the lab.

Connect the Scanner

  1. Connect the scanner to the USB hub in the front of the computer.
  2. Plug the scanner power cord into the power strip on the right side of each table.
  3. There is also a power switch on the right side of the scanner.

Image Capture

  1. Open the application Image Capture
    1. Click Spotlight (the magnifying glass icon) in the top right of the screen and type Image Capture
  2. Select V600 in the top left
  3. Click Show Details
  4. Place the image on the scanner bed
  5. Click Overview
  6. Set Resolution to 300 DPI
    1. Use another resolution if needed
  7. Set Auto Selection to Off
  8. Drag a box around the part of the image to scan\
  9. For Scan To select Other
    1. Go to the desktop and select or make a folder as needed
  10. For Name enter the name for the file
  11. For Format choose TIFF
  12. Click the Scan button