Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Your Canvas Course

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For Faculty: How to schedule a Zoom Meeting in your Canvas course.

Getting Started

  1. Go to your Canvas course
  2. Click Zoom from your course navigation
  3. In Canvas, click Schedule a New Meeting
    • Canvas-zoom5.png

Enter your meeting settings

  • Topic: the title of your meeting
  • When: date and time of the meeting
  • Duration: total amount of time the meeting will run for (you can enter a meeting early)
  • Recurring meeting: meetings that will be used more than once in the course (e.g., weekly discussion meetings)
  • Video Host/Participant: select whether you'd like your/your participants' video to be automatically turned on or off

Meeting Options

We recommend:

  • enabling "enable join before host"
  • Mute participants upon entry
  • If you'd like recordings of the meeting, select "Record the meeting automatically" and save the recording in the cloud.
  • Click Save. You will now see the meeting appear under 'Upcoming Meetings'

Additional Resources