Sem II 1105 Tiered Lecture

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Contact Media Services at X 6270 for media support.

Unlock podium and touch AMX screen to start system

Podium Computer

  1. Touch AMX screen to start system.
  2. Press Computer then Podium Computer. This starts the projector and lowers the screen.
  3. Pull out keyboard and mouse drawer.

Laptop Computer

  1. Touch AMX screen to start system.
  2. Press Computer then Laptop. This will start the projector and lower the screen.
  3. Connect the VGA cord to your laptop.
  4. Connect the ethernet cable to your laptop. Wireless is also available in 1105 rooms.
  5. If you do not see your laptop image then restart the computer or check your mirroring/appearance settings in your control panel.


  1. Insert media (DVD,VHS) in the media cabinet near the door.
  2. Touch the AMX screen in the podium to start the system.
  3. Press Video then press your selection, DVD, VHS or TV. Use the menu on the AMX touch screen to control your media. You can also play your DVD through the computer.

Document Camera

  1. Roll out document camera drawer on the right of the podium.
  2. Turn on the document camera.
  3. Press Document Camera selection on the AMX touch screen. You should see your image on the monitor and projection screen.


  1. Insert your tape or CD in the decks located in the media cabinet.
  2. Touch the AMX screen in the podium. Press Audio and select either CD or tape.
  3. Use the AMX touchscreen menu to control your media.

Surround Sound

  1. After you have selected your media source on the AMX screen then press surround sound.
  2. Select what type of sound mode you want.
  3. Press the Back button on the lower left of the AMX screen.

Shutdown Procedures (UPDATE THIS)

  1. Shut down the AMX system.

Return equipment and LOCK all locks