Sem II 1107 Workshop

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Contact Media Services @ 6270 for media support.


  1. On the Switcher press the green Display Power button for 3 seconds to turn on the projector.
  2. Press the Screen Down button to lower screen.


  1. Connect the long black VGA cord hanging from the bottom of the rack to your laptop.
  2. Use the ethernet cord to plug into the blue or green data jacks located around the room for internet access.
  3. Press the Laptop button on the Switcher.
  4. Turn on the laptop last.


A DVD Playeris available for playing CDs.

  1. Turn on the DVD player and insert your CD.
  2. Select the CD/DVD source on the Switcher.
  3. Press play.
  4. Use the Volume knob on the right of Switcher.
  5. You can also play CDs through your Laptop if it has a disc drive. Follow instructions for connecting your Laptop.

Video ( VCR & DVD)

  1. Press the CD/DVD or VCR button on the Switcher.
  2. Insert your media into the player.
  3. Use the remote controls to use the VCR or DVD for menu options.

Shutdown Procedures

  1. Turn off the Projector by pressing the Display Power button for 3 seconds.
  2. Press the Screen Up button to raise screen.
  3. Turn off the rack power.


No picture?:

- Does laptop have power?
- Is data projector turned on?
- Is VGA cable connected to media control panel and laptop?

No audio?:

- Is room volume on media control panel turned up?
- Laptop: Is the volume on your laptop turned up and output source correctly selected?