Sem II 2105 Meeting Room

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Powering The System

  • Press Display Power button on the Media Control Panel to turn on the television. A green light will appear in the bottom right corner of the monitor to indicate that it is on. (This may take a few seconds)
  • Press the input button on the Media Control Panel. This will allow you to select a source. An Input Source menu will appear on the top right corner of the screen. Use the Input button to scroll through the menu to select your source.
  • For VHS/DVD select 2AV.
  • For Laptops select 3RGB.
If you are unable to get the TV to power on check the bottom side of the television. The is a large red button, press it and try powering on again.


  • Turn on the VHS/DVD deck.
  • Use the Remote or the buttons on the VHS/DVD deck to control viewing functions, or access menus.


  • Connect the VGA cable to your Laptop (Mac user's will need a DVI to VGA adaptor)
  • If you need audio connect the Stereo Mini cable to the headphone jack on your laptop.
  • Turn on the laptop.
  • The laptop should now be prjecting on the television monitor.