Shure Wireless Microphone Quick Guide

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The Shure Wireless Microphones are restricted to Staff and Faculty

Start Up

  1. Turn OFF the microphone or body-pack. If left on, it will create a false busy indicator.
  2. Plug in the power supply. The channel display should illuminate. There is no power switch.
  3. Press and hold the channel button until the display begins flashing. If you see the Busy Indicator (A flashing dash) change the channel.
  4. Wait for the channel display to stop flashing.
  5. If you haven't installed the battery, do it now and leave the cover off.
  6. Turn ON the handheld or body-pack transmitter by pressing the power button. Then channel display should illuminate. It turns off after ten seconds to conserve battery.
  7. Check to see that the transmitter and the receiver display the came channel. The ready LED on the receiver should be illuminated.
  8. Replace battery cover.

Busy Indicator

When selecting channels, a flashing dash indicates interference from the television broadcasts, electronic devices, or other wireless systems. if this occurs, change the channel.