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(User Related Info)
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User Sex:{{gender:username

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Smart Text (Magic Words)

media wiki source


{{CURRENTVERSION}} Current Version: 1.26.3
{{SITENAME}} Site Name: Help Wiki
{{Server}} Server: http://helpwiki.evergreen.edu
{{SERVERNAME}} Server Name: helpwiki.evergreen.edu

Site Info

{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} Current Articles: 1,406
{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} Current Pages: 4,789
{{NUMBEROFUSERS}} Current Users: 9,174

Date & Time

{{CURRENTWEEK}} Current Week: 48
{{CURRENTMONTH}} Current Month: 11
{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} Current Month: November
{{CURRENTDAY}} Current Day: 29
{{CURRENTDAYNAME}} Current Day of the Week: Sunday
{{CURRENTYEAR}} Current Year: 2020
{{CURRENTTIME}} Current Time: 19:55

{{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} TimeStamp: 20201129195549
Autoformatting date to ISO 8601
{{#formatdate:Jan 1 2012|ISO 8601}}


ISO 8601
2020-11-29 19:55

User Related Info

{{gender:username |return text if user is male |return text if user is female |return text if user hasn't defined their gender}}

User Sex:other