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Smart Text (Magic Words)

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{{CURRENTVERSION}} Current Version: 1.26.3
{{SITENAME}} Site Name: Help Wiki

Date & Time

{{CURRENTWEEK}} Current Week: 50
{{CURRENTMONTH}} Current Month: 12
{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} Current Month: December
{{CURRENTDAY}} Current Day: 14
{{CURRENTDAYNAME}} Current Day of the Week: Saturday
{{CURRENTYEAR}} Current Year: 2019
{{CURRENTTIME}} Current Time: 02:54

{{SITENAME}} Site name: Help Wiki {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} Current Articles: 1,313
{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} Current Pages: 4,563
{{NUMBEROFUSERS}} Current Users: 8,981

{{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} TimeStamp: 20191214025402


ISO 8601
2019-12-14 02:54