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Here is a list of the software installed on the MML computers. The Animation Labs have all of the same software except for Digital Performer.



After Effects 11.02 CS 6 : Professional compositing and effects.

Blender 2.6.8

Dragonframe 3.5.1: 5 concurrent copies

SketchUp 13.0


Audacity Open source audio editor.

Digital Performer 8.04: Multi-track audio and MIDI editor. Not in the Animation Labs.

GarageBand 6.0.5: Audio editing and mixing part of iLife 11.

iTunes 11.1

Logic Pro 9.1.8

Peak Pro 6.2.0

Sonic Visualiser 2.2.0

SoundHack 0.896

Audio Plugins

Melda Free Effects Bundle 7 Soundhack Pvoc Kit

Soundhack Spectral Shapers

Soundhack Delay Trio/Freesound

Span Spectrum Analyzer


iPhoto 9.4.3 Part of iLife 11.

Lightroom 5.2 Photo management and editing. (5 concurrent licenses)

Photoshop 13.05 Extended CS 6: Part of Design Premium


After Effects 11.0.2 CS 6: Professional compositing and effects.

Color 1.5.3: Color correction. Part of Final Cut Studio

Compressor 3.5.3: Audio and video compression. Part of Final Cut Studio

DVD Studio Pro 4.2.2 Part of Final Cut Studio

Encore 6.0.1 CS 6: DVD and Blu-Ray authoring.

Final Cut Pro 7.0.3: Video editing. Part of Final Cut Studio

iDVD 7.1.2: Video DVD burning. Part of iLife 11.

iMovie 9.0.9: Video editing. Part of iLife 11.

Motion 4.0.3

Premiere Elements 11: Basic video editor.

Premiere Pro 6.0.5 CS 6: Advanced video editor.

VLC 2.0.8: Open source media player.


EOS 1.9: Software for the CCAM lighting board.


Miro Video Converter 2.6

MPEG Streamclip 1.9.3b5

MuseScore 1.3

OIV 3.1.3

Pencil 0.4.4b

Perian 1.2.3: Open source QuickTime components.

Quicktime Broadcaster 1.5.3

QuickTime Player 10.2

QuickTime Player 7.6.6

Raven Lite 1.0

RealPlayer 12.0.1

SM2 (02r editor) 2.3.3: Editor for Audio Lab And CCAM mixers


XDCAM Transfer 2.12


Acrobat X Pro 10.1.8 Part of Design Premium.

Dreamweaver CS 6: Part of Design Premium.

Flash CS 6: Part of Design Premium.

Fireworks CS6: Part of Design Premium.

Illustrator CS 6: Drawing application. Part of Design Premium.

inDesign CS 6: Page layout application. Part of Design Premium.

Photoshop Extended CS 6 13.0.5: Part of Design Premium

Disc Buring

Burn 2.5.1: Open source disc burning.

Toast 8 Titanium 8.0.5: Disc burning.

WaveBurner 1.6.1: CD mastering and burning.


Arduino 1.0.5

Max/MSP 6.1.3

Pd-extened 0.42.5

Processing 2.0.3

Xcode 5.0


Celtx 2.9.7: Screenwriting application\

iBooks Author 2.0

Keynote 5.3 Part of iLife 09.


Numbers 2.3: Part of iLife 09.

Office 2011

OmniDicitionary 2.0.4

Pages 4.3 Part of iLife 09.

ExpressScribe 5.50: Free transcribing application.

TextWrangler 4.5.3


Adium 1.5.7: Open source chat application.

Cyberduck 4.3.1: FTP application.

Dreamweaver C6: Part of Design Premium.

Google Chrome 29.0.1547.65

Google Earth 7.1

Firefox 23.0.1

Oracle Java 7 Update 40

Safari 6.0.5


Silverlight 5


Cuda Driver 5.5.24