Sound Design in Digital Performer

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Sound Effects Looping using Digital Performer

Project > Movie > open your movie

a. expand the mini menu in your movie and select: > movie floats on top > copy movie audio to sequence
b. Turn down volume in the movie window, bottom left.

While watching your movie:

a. place markers at the beginning and end points of your desired loop at the top of the conductor track.
b. Name the marker by double clicking on the marker that is located inside the conductor track. SFX Markers.png

Project > Add Track > Mono Audio Track

a. open tracks to record onto
b. name these tracks apropriate to action or character. SFX naming.png

Transport Window

a. Enable Memory Cycle:this places beginning and end points to your selection and loops in playback or in record modes.
b. Enable Link Selection to Memory:this places your memory cycle points while you select your audio.
c. Enable Overdub:this allows you to record while making new tracks in loop mode. SFX Transport Window.png


a. Use your curser to highlight between markers to make your looping selection.

SFX Loop.png

b. In the Marker Menu, move the playhead to the beginning of your loop point by selecting your beginning marker name.
SFX Marker Selection.png


Record enable your track, set levels on your microphones, and hit RECORD. Your recording should now be looping.


Name each recording in the same track apropriately: ex. bad guy FS, bad guy FS limp, bad guy FS Run. SFX naming.png
Takes Menu
Takes menu option expands the Take option to view all the overdubs so you can select the best take. SFX Takes.png