Start Up Procedure/Proficiency - COM 118

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  1. Log into the logbook
  2. Explain the simple room flow
  3. Explain the norms from the NEVE to the Apollos
  4. Use the LG Display Remote to turn on Display monitors
  5. Turn ON and login to the computer
  6. Turn ON the two Power Bars. One is below the Apollos, and the other is on the rack
  7. Power ON Apollo A Interface (wait to load: HOST, INT, 48)
  8. Power ON Apollo B interface (wait to load: HOST, EXT, 48)
  9. Make a new folder with your name on it in the Storage drive


  1. Go through the signal flow of an input channel
  2. Explain when you would put the channel in TAPE
  3. Patch a source into an input channel of the NEVE
  4. Listen to that source
  5. Explain the channel Cue function and master Cue section of the NEVE
  6. Turn the Cue send 1 and 2 up on the channel, and monitor the Cue send volume
  7. Open Digital Performer
  8. Select - New - 118 Multitrack Template
  9. Record the source that's on the NEVE
  10. Explain the Cue function in DP and where the Cue sends go on the NEVE
  11. Monitor and adjust the Cue send level in DP and on the NEVE
  12. Patch the recorded channel into the Portico module (Channel 6)


  1. Show where the monitor switches are
  2. Explain what Apollo A Monitor Out Ext. 1 monitors
  3. Run iTunes to hear a song
  4. Explain what ST monitoring is
  5. Explain what Cue 1/2 monitoring is


  1. Normalize board
  2. Turn OFF both Apollos
  3. Clear patchbay, turn off the two power switches and the Display monitors
  4. Log out of the logbook