State and Local Government- Separating Audio from Video Files

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Using Adobe Media Encoder

Use this method if you are wanting to just separate a video and file. If you are wanting to make a selection from the video and then export only the audio, you will need to use Premiere Pro.

  • Launch the Adobe Media Encoder application that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.
  • Locate the file you are wanting to separate the video from the audio and drag it into the Queue panel in the Media Encoder.
Drag Files to Media Encoder Queue Panel
  • Toggle the triangle beside the blue text under Format and select mp3.
Change your format to mp3.
  • Click on the blue text under the Output File and rename your file if needed and verify where the file is saving on your local computer.
MediaEncoder Output.png
MediaEncoder Save.png
  • Start the export process by clicking the green triangle.
MediaEncoder Start.png
  • After the export, open your file to verify that the export was successful.
  • You can then import this audio file into Audacity.