Status Definitions for Individual Study

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While creating your contract you will be able to review the status of your contract as it changes by visiting and clicking on Individual Study Contracts. Faculty sponsors and other approvers will also be able to see the status of your contract.

Defining Contract You have begun working on your contract, this is the initial stage of ILC/INT work.

Collecting Feedback You have sent your contract to your faculty sponsor for their review.

Awaiting Sponsor Approval Students, this means you have locked your contract and sent the final draft for Sponsor Approval. You can not edit it while it is in this state. Faculty, this designates that the student is waiting for your approval on the contract before they can move to the other stages of finalizing the contract.

Getting Approval Your contract is now being reviewed by other approvers, such as a field supervisor or area manager.

Awaiting Student Acceptance An approver (such as a dean, field supervisor or area manager) has added a stipulation to your contract that you must agree to, to move forward. Example: You have chosen to work in the wood shop as a part of your contract, the Wood Shop Staff have added to your contract that you may only work during their posted hours.

Registered You have accepted your terms and conditions and finalized your contract to be Registered. Your contract is now complete.