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====Help for General Use====
====Help for General Use====
*[[Account Help|My Evergreen Account Help]]
*[[My Evergreen Account Help]]
*[[Campus Forums]]  
*[[Campus Forums]]  

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For Fall 2019 student mailboxes are now using Exchange Online hosted by Microsoft at portal.office.com.

Alert: this documentation is under revision

Help for General Use

Mailbox Capacity and Attachment Size

  • Student Mailbox Size: 100GB
  • Maximum Attachment Size: 50MB (includes message)

Access your email

  • Go to portal.office.com to access email and all of your Office 365 applications
    • Log in with your My Evergreen account (username@evergreen.edu)
    • Note: Previous methods using webmail continue to work but if your mailbox has been migrated to Office 365 you will be redirect you to microsoftonline.com
  • Set up a mail client