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Evergreen hosts student e-mail using Microsoft Exchange, an industry-standard enterprise system. Email is the primary official medium for communication between Evergreen faculty/staff and students.

General Information for Students

--> Student Mailbox Size 50MB
--> Maximum Attachment Size 10MB
--> Deleted items folder older than one day are purged
--> Junk email folder older than 30 days are purged
--> Sent items folder older than 90 days are purged
--> Webmail Address

Tesctalk and Tesccrier lists

These lists are available as opt in - meaning you must proactively subscribe to the forum to be able to receive messages. There are many ways that you can customize how you view the postings in these forums.. it doesn't have to be just e-mail. For help with managing your subscriptions, go to Managing your Tesctalk and Tesccrier Subscriptions.

Tesccrier is provided to help keep members of the community abreast of events that happen here at Evergreen (e.g., theater events, music events, athletic events, on-campus events hosted by non-campus groups). The tesccrier list can also be used to announce off-campus events that are directly related to Evergreen’s mission of teaching and learning.
Tesctalk is provided to facilitate discussions of interest to the campus community (e.g., current world events).


Through you can set your evergreen e-mail account to auto-forward to a third party provider (such as hotmail, gmail, MSN, etc..). Be aware that if you select this option that you are then responsible for making sure that you are receiving email from Evergreen as important information around contracts, evaluations, billings and registration to name a few come to your Evergreen account. Test it out if you're unsure. Send yourself a message to your Evergreen account. If you don't get it, there may be problems with your forwarding address or provider and once it leaves the Evergreen system we no longer have any ability to troubleshoot the problem.

Need Additional Help?

  • Call the Computer Center and talk with a live person at 867-6227
  • send us a message.
  • Click on the email category link below to get a full listing of all the help articles that have been written on email.