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*[[Forgot My Login Name]]  
*[[Forgot My Login Name]]  
*[http://wikis.evergreen.edu/computing/index.php/Full_Inbox My Inbox is Too Full]
*[http://wikis.evergreen.edu/computing/index.php/Full_Inbox My Inbox is Too Full]
*Campus Forums   
*COMING: Campus Forums   
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Evergreen hosts student email using Microsoft Exchange.
Starting December 13, 2013,
all student email accounts will be migrated to Exchange 2010.
The articles and information below provide help regarding email in general
along with what's new in Exchange 2010.

Help for General Use

Setup, management, troubleshooting, and more


What's New in Exchange 2010

Information and visual guides

  • Webmail Overview
  • COMING: How to switch view mode from default setting (Conversations by Date)


Through my.evergreen.edu you can set your evergreen email account to auto-forward to an external email address (such as Hotmail, Gmail, MSN, etc.). Be aware that if you select this option, you are then responsible for making sure you are receiving email from Evergreen. Test it if you're unsure by sending a message to your Evergreen account. If you don't get it, there may be a problem with your forwarding address or provider.

Mailbox Capacity and Purge Timeline Information

--> Student Mailbox Size 50MB
--> Maximum Attachment Size 10MB
--> Deleted items folder older than one day are purged
--> Junk email folder older than 30 days are purged
--> Sent items folder older than 90 days are purged
--> Webmail Address https://www.evergreen.edu/webmail

Need Additional Help?

  • Call the Computer Center and talk with a live person at 360-867-6227.
  • Submit a Support Ticket.
  • Click on the email category link below to get a full listing of all the help articles related to email.