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Evergreen Email - A little history

Although Evergreen has been hosting e-mail services for many years, in spring of 2007 Evergreen made it the primary communication medium between students and the college. This was the culmination of a two-year project designed to decrease the waste of resources associated with mailing paper to students.

Since that time, Evergreen’s administrative and student services offices have experienced significant savings of both time and resources due to the ability to email students. Also, messages that are time-critical can reach students very quickly, preventing frustration and hardship in many cases.

After making email the official communication medium in 2007, it has undergone changes in 2008 that were put into place in order to improve reliability of delivery.

Need help?

Having problems with your e-mail even after perusing all the help pages below? Call the Computer Center and talk with a live person at 867-6227 or send us a message.

You can access your e-mail by going to the following address;