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===At what resolution should I scan?===
===At what resolution should I scan?===
A good rule of thumb is to set the scan resolution at double what your final image’s resolution will be.
For Praxinoscopes and Zoetrops we recommend 150 ppi
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! Image type !! final resolution !!scan resolution
| web image || 72 ||150
| image for print || 300 || 600
'''Small images:''' If you are going to be enlarging a small image the higher your
resolution the better the enlarged image will look. Experiment to get the best

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How to Scan on Macintosh OS X:

  1. Align the object in the scanner bed face down in the scanner.
  2. Launch Image Capture from the Applications folder.
  3. Drag the boundary box around the portion of the image you want to capture
  4. Set resolution (see below).
  5. Set the Format to TIFF (this is an uncompressed image file format)
  6. Note the Scan to location. This is where your file will be saved. You can change this.
  7. Click the Scan button.

Note: you may need to save your scanned file to the network space on Orca then move to another computer to continue editing in Photoshop or Preview.

Please ask the students at the front desk of the Computer Center for assistance if you have any questions.

At what resolution should I scan?

For Praxinoscopes and Zoetrops we recommend 150 ppi