Study Abroad Contracts

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The current process for students creating an individual study contract that involves traveling outside of the United States is detailed below.

A great deal of planning goes into traveling abroad. For support and information, you must attend a Study Abroad Workshop provided by the office of Academic Advising and/or meet with the Coordinator of International Programs in Academic Advising. Please complete the following steps in order:

1. Obtain Sponsor approval for your contract.
2. Complete a Study Abroad Waiver.
3. Go to the Registration & Records Office for signatures on the Waiver.
4. Go to the International Programs (Academic Advising) Office for signatures on the Waiver and contract approval.
5. Schedule an appointment with the Academic Dean overseeing International Studies. Appointments will not be scheduled until contracts have been officially approved by your Sponsor (i.e., in Awaiting Deans Approval status) and the Study Abroad Waiver has been completed.
6. Attach your signed waiver to the Country Specific Travel Advisory Pages and to your Sponsor-approved contract and take them to your appointment with the Dean overseeing International Studies.