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Subscribe2 is a plugin that, once activated, will allow your readers to receive an email notification whenever a new post is published to the site.

  1. Activate the Subscibe2 plugin in your plugins panel
  2. Create a new page (probably called something like "Subscribe")
  3. Click the S2 button that should now appear in your quickbar to automatically insert the subscribe2 token. Ensure the token is on a line by itself and that it has a blank line above and below. This token will automatically be replaced by dynamic subscription information and will display all forms and messages as necessary.
  4. If you're interested in changing some of the default behaviors of the plugin, go to Tools > Subscribers and change your Subscriber settings here.

For your readers to subscribe:

  • Readers simply need to navigate to your subscription page and enter their email address.
  • They will receive an email that they must confirm the subscription.
  • Note: if a a potential subscriber is already logged into their blog at and they go to subscribe to another blog they will be directed to manage they subscriptions via the Subscribe2 panel in their Dashboard. They will need to activate the Subscribe2 plugin first and then they will have a list of all available blogs at that are subscribable.