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* # of wait listed students
* # of wait listed students
===to email classlist===
===to email class list===
#navigate to Summary class list
#navigate to Summary class list
#at the bottom of list click '''Email class'''
#at the bottom of list click '''Email class'''

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Notes from Fletcher's presentation

don't call it Gateway but instead call it my.evergreen.edu

Getting Started

  1. faculty should go to my.evergreen.edu and login
  2. go to Gateway Home (this terminology will go away soon)
  3. Select Faculty Services tab

To view class list

  1. select Summary class list
  2. choose the term
  3. select CRN for class from dropdown

Faculty Detail Schedule


  • summary of all CRNs associated with faculty,
  • # of enrolled students
  • # of wait listed students

to email class list

  1. navigate to Summary class list
  2. at the bottom of list click Email class
  3. this will launch the local email client and populate the bcc field with all of the students preferred email addresses

Registration Permits/Overrides

  1. locate the A# of the student
  2. select the type of override: campus, class, signature
  3. choose the CRN