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====First time using Zoom in your Canvas course====
====First time using Zoom in your Canvas course====
*[[Add Zoom to Your Canvas Course navigation]]
*[[Add Zoom to Your Canvas Course navigation]]
*[[Zoom in Canvas - Initial Account Auto-provisioning |Launch Zoom for the first-time inside Canvas to auto-provision your Zoom Pro account]]
*[[How to Setup Your Zoom Account in Canvas for the First Time]]
====Using Zoom====
====Using Zoom====

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Zoom is a collaboration tool that provides remote synchronous video and audio conferencing, screen sharing and messaging.

About Zoom Accounts

  • A Zoom account is only required if you want to host a meeting. You do need an account to attend a meeting.
  • Zoom Basic accounts are free and allow meetings up to 40 min. with multiple attendees. One-on-one meetings are not limited to 40 minutes.
  • Zoom Pro accounts allow for meetings longer than 40 minutes. Pro accounts can be auto-provisioned in Canvas for instructors or requested at help.evergreen.edu. Please only request a Pro account if you need to host a multi-participant conference longer than 40 minutes.


First time using Zoom in your Canvas course

Using Zoom


  • Join a Zoom Meeting
  • Review the schedule for upcoming Zoom class meetings


  • Zoom Basic accounts have been provisioned for all staff members
  • Request a Zoom account