Taxobox Templates for Biological Classification

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The Taxobox templates can be implemented at to create an standardized way of adding biological classification data identical to what's done at

Taxobox syntax

| name = Killer whale
| image = Killerwhales jumping.jpg
| image_alt = Two killer whales jump above the sea surface, showing their black, white and grey coloration. The closer whale is upright and viewed from the side, while the other whale is arching backwards to display its underside.
| image_caption = Transient killer whales near [[Unimak Island]], eastern Aleutian Islands, Alaska
| regnum = [[Animal]]ia
| phylum = [[Chordate]]
| classis = [[Mammal]]ia
| ordo = [[Cetacea]]
| subordo = [[Odontoceti]]
| familia = [[Delphinidae]]
| genus = '''''Orcinus'''''
| species = '''''O. orca'''''
| binomial = ''Orcinus orca''
| binomial_authority = [[Carolus Linnaeus|Linnaeus]], 1758
| synonyms = ''Orca gladiator''
| range_map = Killer Whale Range Map.svg
| range_map_alt = A world map shows killer whales are found throughout every ocean, except parts of the Arctic. They are also absent from the Black and Baltic Seas.
| range_map_caption = ''Orcinus orca'' range (in blue)}}

Setting up Taxobox on your wiki (for wiki admins)

The following template files must be copied from before using the taxobox template:

  1. Template:!
    • subtemplate Template doc is not required
  2. Template:Taxobox
    • subtemplate Template:Documentation is not required
    • subtemplate Template:Pp-template is not required
  3. Template:Taxobox colour
    • subtemplate Template:Template doc is not required
  4. Template:Taxobox/species