Technology Changes for Fall 2019

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New Identity Management System (IDM)

  • New naming structure for employees
  • Students get to choose their name/email
  • All student employees get their own account

Office365 Implementation

  • Students get OneDrive (1TB)
  • Exchange in the cloud (100 GB), email forwarding is being phased out
  • Faculty and Staff will migrate over the next year

New Portal for Help

  • See and comment on your technology help tickets
  • Will be getting confirmation emails when you submit a ticket or when a comment is made on one of your tickets

Adobe Subscription Licensing

  • Some machines will require rebuilds if going from device to named license
  • Existing subscriptions technically ran out Sept 14th but will stay active for one more month according to Adobe

Physical Computing Center

  • There is a new lab on campus near Media Loan.

WordPress changes

  • is being retired
    • ability to create new sites is being turned off and sites that need to persist are being migrated upon request
  • all new students sites will be hosted at
  • faculty/staff college-related sites are still being hosted at - site creation is by request