Technology Changes for Fall 2019

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New Identity Management System (IDM)

There has been a significant change to our underlying infrastructure over the summer that has been many years in the making. We are now running a system that auto creates My Evergreen accounts for students, faculty and staff. Core to this new system is that accounts are created solely based on a person's record in Banner. Accounts are not created manually anymore. This opens up the door to many new applications and services that we have not been able to consider until this work was done. A few features of the new system you may see include:

  • New naming structure for employees. If you are new to the college and your name is Susan Anthony, your username and email will be If you change your name in Banner, your username and email address will change accordingly. If you don't do anything of course you will keep your account exactly as it is now.
  • Students get to choose their username and email. Students will have the option of many different forms of usernames and emails that will accurately reflect their chosen name as well as allow their name itself to be confidential if they chose.
  • All student employees get their own account. Any student employed by the college will automatically get a new staff account. Likewise if a staff or faculty enrolls in a class or program, they will automatically be provisioned a student account.This means that any person could have up to two accounts at any time.
  • Self Service password reset. One of the big advantages to the new system is we now have a much more functional self-service password reset service that is hosted by Microsoft. Key to this is making sure you have an alt-email on record in Banner (HR can help with that) because that is the verification key to being able to reset your password.
  • New usernames will be fed into our other systems. Most other systems such as Wordpress, Canvas, Evaluations, ILC/INT will be consuming this data so usernames and emails should reflect the new core information
  • We're still working on it. New systems of this size and complexity are living ecosystems and as such we are still actively working on it. If you have questions or notice something that doesn't make sense, please contact the Technical Support Center and the development team will

Office365 Implementation

  • Students get OneDrive (1TB)
  • Exchange in the cloud (100 GB), email forwarding is being phased out
  • Faculty and Staff will migrate over the next year

New Portal for Help

  • See and comment on your technology help tickets
  • Will be getting confirmation emails when you submit a ticket or when a comment or resolution is made on one of your tickets

Adobe Subscription Licensing

  • Some machines will require rebuilds if going from device to named license
  • Existing subscriptions technically ran out Sept 14th but will stay active for one more month according to Adobe

Physical Computing Center

  • There is a new lab on campus near Media Loan.

WordPress changes

  • is being retired
    • ability to create new sites is being turned off and sites that need to persist are being migrated upon request
  • all new students sites will be hosted at
  • faculty/staff college-related sites are still being hosted at - site creation is by request