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The first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem. After you've done that, it could be that your question is answered somewhere on the college website.

Getting Help on the Web

This IT Survival Guide is a great place to start.

If you're in the Computer Center and having trouble, a good place to start is their support page. If you need a little more in-depth help with a specific application, there's a list of all the books available to current students from the consultant desk.

If you're in the CAL, their FAQ page has a really awesome list of common questions in using different applications, including how to scan an image in Photoshop.

If you need help with getting your wireless to work on campus, there's a decent FAQ on-line

Getting Help Over the Phone

If you've exhausted the web and can't find a solution, there are numbers you can call to get help over the phone.

  • Computer Center (867-6231) - This number connects to the student consultants at the Computer Center. If they are not too busy, they are happy to answer any computer questions you may have.
  • CAL (867-6426) - ditto for this number if you have any scientific computing inquiries.
  • Fishbowl/ResNet (867-5111) - If you live in housing and want to have someone take a look at your computer, call up this number and someone will walk right over to your dorm.
  • Media Loan (867-6253) - if you checked something out from Media Loan and then need some support, you can call 'em up and talk to a student worker or the on-duty staff.
  • Reference Desk (867-6252) - The Reference Desk is a good place to call if you have a question about the library or need help finding a certain book/article. However, this should be a last resort for tech questions.
  • Digital Imaging Studio (867-6562) - The Digital Imaging Studio (DIS) doesn't do much help over the phone because usually the help needed is too complicated, but feel free to call if you have a question about image editing (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) or scanning.
  • Electronic Media (867-6270) - if you need technical assistance in a media classroom, production suite, media application support, or even help with operating Media Loan equipment these are the folks to call.

Getting Help in Person

If you are absolutely new to the campus, either as a freshman or a transfer student, you will find that everyone is more than willing to help you...all you need to do is ask. Where? You can start at the reference desk in the Library. There are several computers located near the reference desk and when using them you will have ready access to a reference person. (personal experience, here!) On the third floor of the library next to government documents and the main stacks you will find a row of offices with staff that can assist you as well.

Another great place to get help with your computer questions is the Computer Center. There is a main desk as you enter the Computer Center, and the student consultants behind the counter are more than happy to help you with any computer/printer/scanner questions.

The Computer Center offers a variety of workshops for beginning and advanced computer users. You can register for these workshops at the Computer Center's website, but if they're not full, you can also drop in on any session, no commitment required.

Note: This article was originally authored by the students in Information Landscapes.