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(This training is aimed at providing new students with necessary information and resources pertaining to Evergreen's academic technologies.)
(Library online resources)
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*Making a post
*Making a post
=Library online resources=
=Library online resources=
*Navigation the Library's website
*Navigating the Library's website
*Utilizing the search feature
*Utilizing the search feature
*Introduction to Summit
*Introduction to Summit
=How to get help=
=How to get help=
*Evergreen Wikis
*Evergreen Wikis

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  • Accessing your Evergreen account
  • Student vs. Community sections
  • Registration, Financial Aid and Academic Progress
  • Curricular Resource links

Evaluations and Academic Statements

  • Navigating the online evaluation system
  • Submitting personal evaluations (differences between submit to faculty vs. submit to transcript)
  • Faculty evaluations (faculty selection and submission preferences)
  • Academic Statement (yearly revisions vs. final draft)


  • How to access
  • Auto forwarding (Why, how, and specifications)
  • Deleting messages


  • Accessing courses
  • Modules, what are they?
  • Submitting assignments
  • Using discussions


  • Blogs vs. Sites
  • Creating a blog
  • Making a post

Library online resources

  • Navigating the Library's website
  • Utilizing the search feature
  • Introduction to Summit

How to get help

  • Evergreen Wikis
  • Lynda.com
  • Computer Center helpdesk