Turning in your Academic Statement

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You can create, edit and turn in your Academic Statement at my.evergreen.edu.

Note that your academic statement annual revision can be turned in starting Fall Quarter Week 7 through to Spring Quarter Week 7 when it is due.

Where to start

Revision Due Date
  • Login at my.evergreen.edu and click on "Academic Statement"
  • Click on the title of your Academic Statement (your statement is labeled with the date range of when you started it)
  • If you have not written an Academic Statement you will have a "Create" button
  • Note on the right hand side the blue box with specific information about when you can turn in your annual revision

When do I turn this in?

  • Your Academic Statement Annual Revision is due by Spring Quarter Week 7
  • You can create your Academic Statement or edit it anytime throughout the year
  • You can share a draft with your faculty at any time (this does not satisfy the requirement of turning in an annual revision)
  • After Spring Quarter Week 7 a hold will be placed on your account if you have not turned in your Annual Revision

Video: How to Turn In an Academic Statement

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