Use and citation of media in online formats

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Information on how to cite media in Wordpress or Canvas

Materials that you can post online

  • Your original works of authorship to which you hold copyright.
  • Works in the public domain.
  • Copyrighted articles and materials that you have received written permission to use.
  • Copyrighted materials allowed under the T.E.A.C.H. Act of 2002.
  • Copyrighted materials that can be protected under a Fair Use legal defense.

All creative commons attributions should include the same information

  • Title of image
  • Creator name
  • Source of image (url)
  • Copyright information included with the image (i.e. watermark)
  • CC license information (if possible link back to CC documentation page)


  • (I.E. Flickr Wikimedia Commons Getty Images)
  • Check terms of use
  • If there are no specific citation requirements usually just the link to the image page and its corresponding database is fine
  • At minimum make sure to cite Creator, Image, Title, Source

If the image is from a print or electronic publication you include Creator, Title, Source


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