Utilizing Headings

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Headings help to add structure and meaning to pages by organizing content into sections and indicating the relative importance of those sections. Assistive technologies and some browsers provide mechanisms to present a list of headings that allows the user to jump to individual headings, as well as establishing the importance of the content that is categorized under the heading.

Canvas utilizes 4 levels of headings

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4


The title of the page is styled under Header 1.

An Accessible page utilizes the levels of headings to establish the reading order of the content.

How to use headings in Canvas

When in edit mode, highlight text and select a Heading from the Paragraph drop-down menu in the Rich Content Editor.

A Canvas page title uses Heading 1. There should be only one h1 per page but there can be multiple h2, h3, h4. DO NOT skip main heading levels and apply consistently throughout the page.

Examples: Heading 2 is great for headlines, Heading 3 is good for separating sections of content, and Heading 4 can be used for sub-sections or general sections of content.