Verification of New Learning

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The process for demonstrating that your Internship Contract with a current employer represents new learning is described below.

If you have either worked or volunteered at your internship site for at least three months prior to the start of your internship, you'll need to submit documentation verifying that your activities and learning objectives are different from what you've previously done and learned. This is because college credit can only be awarded for new learning that takes place during the quarter, not for learning that happened in the past.

In order to complete this verification, you will need to submit:

· a description of the activities you have been performing as a volunteer or employee for the three months prior to the start of the internship, signed by your immediate supervisor; · a statement explaining how the proposed internship activities differ from your ordinary responsibilities and describing the types of new learning expected to result from these activities.

Please submit these documents to Academic Advising (if you're an undergraduate) or your Graduate Program Director (if you're a graduate student). Students in the Tacoma program should submit them to the Coordinator for Student Services at the Tacoma campus.