View or Update your direct deposit information

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View or Update your direct deposit information

Direct Deposit to your Bank

Go to Pay History and Information to set up or edit your direct deposit for your paychecks. New direct deposit set up requires one “testing payroll” before the direct deposit goes through. For more information see the Getting Paid web page. (Note: For direct deposit of Financial Aid excess funds see the eRefund web page.)

Direct Deposit to a Pay Card

You have two convenient direct deposit options, (1) traditional direct deposit to a checking or savings bank account or (2) the Bank of America CashPay Visa Payroll Card. With the CashPay Visa Payroll Card, your net pay is deposited onto a prepaid Visa card. It’s a good option for employees without a bank account.

The State of Washington is offering these cards as an option in order to pay employees more securely and efficiently, and save money on staff time needed for processing lost, stolen, or forged state treasury warrants.

Three simple steps to get started:

  1. Complete the CashPay Enrollment Form and return it to the Payroll & Benefits Office.
  2. When when you receive your card in the mail, activate the card.
  3. Use your new routing and account number to set up your Direct Deposit on Note: Do not use the 16 digit card number.

Please visit the Getting Paid web page for complete details on the Payroll Card program.