Visual Literacies- Intro to Adobe Lightroom

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Lightroom Classic is photo-asset management, enhancement, and publishing program.

Lightroom allows us to do three things really well:

  • Organize and manage photographs and video files
  • Edit and improve media files
  • Export and share these files

Lightroom Interface:

Lightroom is broken into different module workspace options. We will be using the:

  • Library: for viewing and organizing files
  • Develop: Edit and adjust images
  • Slideshow: Create a slideshow with audio and export

Slideshow Module Workspace:

Slideshow Mode:


  • Video collection will playback on it's own with music, zooms, and crossfades
  • Can add Pan and Zoom, Slide Lengths, and Crossfade
  • The music panel let's you selection the music. The music will automatically fade from one track to another. Set your playback times.
  • Sync Slides to Music to determines transitions to the beat of the songs.


  • Let's you determine the playback
Where you have determined all the settings hit Create Saved Slideshow