W-2 Wage and Tax Statement

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Select electronic W-2 now for the fastest access to your W-2.

To print your W-2 go to my.evergreen.edu and select Pay History and Information from the Employees section.

   Select W-2
   Select the Tax Year and click Display.
   If you would like to print your W-2 click the Printable W-2 button. 
   If you are filing a paper W-2 with the IRS, click the HELP link in the top right corner to display important information about printing requirements. 
   You can also see the 2015 Notice to Employee and Instructions for Employees by selecting HELP.

To elect to receive your W-2 online:

   Select the check box to consent to receive your W-2 electronically
   Click the submit button.

Former Students - If you have graduated or are no longer a student you will need to request an alumni (former student) account to access my.evergeen.edu.

If you do not elect to receive your W-2 electronically it is mailed to your Mailing Address by February 1st. If your mailing address is inaccurate, please update it on my.evergreen.edu and elect to get your W-2 electronically. You will then be able to print your own copy of the W-2.

(Former employees and graduates who no longer have access to my.evergreen will receive a paper W-2 in the mail. Please contact payroll by email if your address has changed since leaving Evergreen.)