Zoom H4n Audio Recorder Proficiency Test

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Digital Audio Recorders

Proficiency Questions

For the Marantz PMD-660 and Zoom H4N

Written Test

Complete this written portion on a separate sheet of paper before arriving for your operational proficiency. The answers can be found in the operating guides for the Marantz PMD-660 and the Zoom H4N.

  1. What is the point of formatting the recorder before you record audio?
  2. How do you access the EDIT mode for the PMD-660?
  3. Why do you want to make sure to turn off the “silent skip” option on the PMD-660?
  4. Why is it not unnecessary to turn off the internal mic for input?
  5. What are the steps you must follow in order to import your files onto a computer for editing for both recorders?
  6. If you are using alkaline batteries rather than rechargeable, what must you change on the PMD-660 in order for the recorder to work?
  7. Describe how to set the date and time on the H4n.
  8. Name and describe the 4 modes on the H4n.
  9. What kind of mic configuration does the H4n utilize?
  10. What is the extent of your financial responsibility for the recorders when you check them out from Media Loan?