Zoom H4n Audio Recorder Proficiency Test

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Written Test

Answers may be found in the Zoom H4n Audio Recorder Operating Guide. Complete this written portion and bring it with you to your scheduled operational proficiency. Call (360) 867-6253 if you have any questions.

  1. What is the importance of formatting the recorder before you record audio?
  2. Give three example of precautions you should take when handling an H4.
  3. What are the steps you must follow in order to import your files onto a computer for editing for both recorders?
  4. Describe how to set the date and time on the H4n.
  5. Name and describe the 4 modes on the H4n.
  6. What kind of mic configuration does the H4n utilize?
  7. What is the extent of your financial responsibility for the recorders when you check them out from Media Loan?

Operational Proficiency


  • Turn recorder on.
  • Demonstrate how to navigate through the menus of the recorder.
  • Format the recorder correctly and prepare for recording.
  • Set the proper record fie size.
  • Demonstrate how to change the mic angels from 90 to 120 and back on the H4n.
  • Plug preferred mic to correct input. Select input setup from the menu.
  • Record 30 seconds of audio.
  • Connect headphones or speakers to line-out and playback your file.
  • Demonstrate the difference between pausing and stoping a recording.
  • Connect USB from the recorder to a laptop provided by Media Loan.
  • Show that you understand how to import your audio files from the recorder to the computer.