Zoom H4n Basic Recording Quick Start Guide

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  1. Insert batteries or plug in AC power adapter. If you are using batteries, make sure the STAMINA MODE switch is off.
  2. Make sure there is an SD card with enough space for your project in the SD card slot of the recorder.
  3. If you are using an external microphone, plug it in to the XLR inputs or the stereo mini input.
  4. Turn on the Zoom recorder.
  5. Press the MENU button and turn the dial until MODES is selected. Press down on the dial to enter the MODES menu. Inside the MODES menu, use the dial to select STEREO MODE, and press the dial once more to enter your selection. Press the menu button to return to the home screen.
  6. Press the input select button for the input source you have chosen to use.
  7. Choose the recording quality by pressing the WAV/MP3 button on the face of the recorder. Use the menu wheel to scroll though the options, and press the dial to confirm the highlighted option. The format that you choose is dependent on the quality of the recording that you need.
  8. Press the record button on the face of the H4n. The ring around the record button will begin to blink. The Zoom is not yet recording, but the inputs are active. This is a good time to make sure you can hear your subject well enough, and that the recording levels are not too high or distorted.
  9. Press the record button again. This will begin recording on a new file.
  10. To stop recording press stop or pause. If you press stop, the recorder will finalize the file you were recording and begin a new file next time you begin recording. If you press pause, the recorder will stop recording, but it will keep the file active. Press the pause button again to continue recording on the same file.
  11. When you are done recording, make sure to turn off the zoom recorder before unplugging the microphones and AC power adapter or removing the batteries.
Note:If you are using a single XLR microphone as your input source, you should make sure you have the H4n is set to MONO MIX. If you are using a stereo pair of XLR mics, or the built in stereo mic, make sure the H4n is NOT in MONO MIX. To change this setting, Press the MENU button, then select INPUT and press the dial to confirm the selection. Turn the dial again to select MONO MIX, and press the dial again. Choose ON or OFF, and press the dial once more to enter in your selection. Press the MENU button until you have returned to the home screen.
Note: Remember that you can always convert a high quality file to a low quality file, but never a low quality file into a high quality file. Suggested file format is 48khz/24bit WAV.