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Evergreen uses Zoom to support remote learning and video conferencing. Your faculty may use Zoom to host class lectures or to invite a guest lecturer to present to your class.

Getting Started

Zoom is free for anyone invited to attend a meeting.

About Zoom Accounts

Do I need a Zoom account to join a meeting?

No, a Zoom account is only required if you want to host a meeting. You do not need an account to attend a meeting when you are following a link.

Can I host my own meeting?

Yes, Zoom Basic accounts are free and allow meetings up to 40 min. with multiple attendees. One-on-one meetings are not limited to 40 minutes.

Join a Meeting

Zoom for Students

Zoom and Canvas

  • Review the schedule for upcoming Zoom class meetings

Zoom FAQ

How can I set a profile picture when my video is turned off?

Once you create a basic account at evergreen.zoom.us, you can add a picture to your profile.

Learning more about Zoom

See Zoom's Help Center for instructions.

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