Adding Animations

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When used sparingly, animations can be a great way to add dimension or audience interaction to your slides.

Animation gives you the option to add motion to otherwise stationary objects. You can choose to have elements of your presentation enter or exit the screen, as well as illuminate, dim, or move on a set path.

Within your presentation, choose the object you wish to animate. Go to the main toolbar and, under the Animations tab, choose the effect you wish to assign to the object. Choose an effect from the drop-down menu under the tab.

The Add Effect button under Custom Animation panel allows you to select effects and see them added in a tag beside your selected object.

To see your animation within the context of your presentation, simply view the slideshow.

When to Use This

  1. Moving objects into, out of, or within your slide
  2. Giving emphasis to significant points
  3. Making your otherwise flimsy presentation look fantastic!

Additional Help

Here's a video with helpful animation tips for Powerpoint 2007.