Adding Clip Art

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Inserting Clip Art


Clip Art is an incredibly useful tool for Powerpoint users and presenters. This tool will allow you to add clip art not just from your personal library, but Microsoft Office Online as well. All you need to do is search for your desired image in the Clip Art pane on the right side of your slides, specify your search options (where to search and for what type of file) and then click OK.


Step one is to move from Home to Insert in the top of the Powerpoint window. Next, click on the Clip Art icon to bring up the Clip Art side pane. First, enter the topic of your search, like Ponies, Hot Air Balloons, or Forest Scenery. Then, as described above, specify that you would like to search in My Collections, Office Collections, Office Web, or just search Everywhere. Next you'll need to specify the file type you're searching for, by selecting Clip Art, Photographs, Movies or Sounds. Or, you could just leave everything checked. After that, all you need to do is double click on the picture you want to insert into your slideshow. It should be right on top of the slide you were just working on.

Happy Presenting!